Detect unknown device with Zabbix

Hi dear community
is it possible with Zabbix to do theses tasks?

List all devices connected on my LAN
Detect unknow Devices connected on my LAN
Detect all windows Pcs that are not updated
Detect all Pcs that doesn’t have Antivirus
Block unkowned Pcs on my LAN


Yes, I think so because Zabbix has network discovery to get the devices and inventory to get installed software packages.

Not directly, but it should be possible with action scripts in combination with firewall or squid proxy.

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For wired devices this will be easier than for wireless devices. And as said in the topic on the Zabbix forums, it depends on the equipment (switch/es) you use. I have been administering port security on a large network in the past, but that is quite tedious.
For wireless connections I can recommend Ubiquity accesspoints. With the Unify controller software access of wireless devices is very easy to manage. Including multiple access profiles with different access times. For instance that a group can only access the wireless network from 7am to 5pm…
It will be a challenge to get that inside Zabbix tho. However, there are some templates of Ubiquity devices for Zabbix:

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Thank dear team
Thanks i will try Ubiquity