Deploying Jitsi Meet on Nethserver independent video conferencing

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Wow, what a wonderful topic @djx Thank you very much for the howto.

I am glad you even implemented the ldap authentication on the same to get it to work, highly appreciated.

Clap clap clap…medails to this man

@davidep @mrmarkuz i am glad to read this

@stephdl he wrote it like it was written to a 12 year old.

assuming you dont know and working up from there

Thank you all! I’m just trying to contribute something back to this great product and community.


FYI, this does not work. I get a “service unavailable” page when I go to MY setup

Any pointers please, prob my bad…

Is the location of your Nethserver install? The same place you access the cockpit control panel?

Is Docker installed from the software center?

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The FQDN is SRV01.MYDOMAIN.COM, The virtual domain for Jitsi is

Accessing both locations @:980/portainer results in the same 503 error

yes, docker is installed from the software center (legacy manager, not cockpit)

Did you enable portainer?

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That did the trick, many thanks as usual!

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Is this not done by default with a software center install of docker? If not, then I guess I should update the steps to include it?

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I would like to create a wiki how-to which we can then revise with details such as an updated composer version. Let me know if you’re ok with that pls

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No, one needs to enable portainer first.

Indeed, it is specifically disabled by default

Isn’t that what this post is? But yes, I agree it needs to be updated to mention enabling Portainer. I guess I forgot that step.

Thanks for pointing out the issue. I’ve updated the original post :).

That’s the main difference with a post and a wiki page. A wiki page anybody can add and change at any given time. Also ONLY the most relevant info is consolodated into the page instead of a string of posts.

Thanks. That’s clear.

No issue on creating a wiki for it. I would just ask that we try to keep it to the same level of simplicity and add any advanced stuff in a later section.

One of my reasons for writing this is because I felt that video calling is a big enough thing that people would miss “out of the box” with Nethserver. I wanted to make it as simple as possible for them to add it.

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Fully agree!

Working on it

First text and pictures, then markup and check

Please be aware that the discussion is still active in this thread, but that the how-to has been copied over to The wiki page will hold the latest and most accurate information.

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Sorry late to the party.

Just gave you a badge for this amazing howto.
Thank you man :clap:

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