Deleting a Samba machine account

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I’d give a try to luserdel :wink:

Let me know how it goes!

hmm, that does not work…
[root@pdc01 ~]# luserdel testmachine$ User testmachine$ does not exist.
But user is definetly there:

[root@pdc01 ~]# getent passwd | grep testmachine
testmachine$:*:5006:504:testmachine$ Samba machine account:/none:

does the ldap way work?

Bash requires $ escaped, so

luserdel testmachine\$


luserdel 'testmachine$'


did you try with the user “libuser”?
The password can be found in /var/lib/nethserver/secrets/libuser

(It ist the user i use to query the ldap at the moment, but I don’t know (and cannot test) if there is an ACL for write-access in the DIT)

Indeed the luserdel command comes with libuser :blush: and does the LDAP wodoo by itself!

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