Deleted email messages

Hi, I wanted to ask for information, I have a mail server configured with pop3 connector and it works properly, clients use thunderbird, has bluntly deleted a message from thunderbird, acnhe from the trash, on the server still there? if so, what would be the way to recover it? thank you

Hi @p.mall ,

With POP3, the e-mail is still on server only if the client set Thunderbird to leave the messages on server after download.
You can try find it on server with web mail (Sogo, WebTop).

hello, and thanks for the answer, the problem is that I have the server configured with the pop3 connector, to download remote mail boxes that are delivered to local users. thunderbird clients are configured in imap because multiple users need to see the mail they arrive. I was wondering if when from a clinet es. thunderbird, (configured in imap) deletes a message, this, remains on the server and is only marked as “invisible” for Thunderbird.
thank you!

Usually, with imap, what do you do on one side, it happen also on the other side.
Unfortunately, I don’t use pop3 connector and I don’t know what is happening.
I know there a lot of people here which are using pop3 connector. Let’s wait them to help you more.

Hello @p.mall,

when you delete a mail on IMAP it my be marked as “deleted”, but not shown in Thunderbird anymore.
I tried it with my providers webmail next to Thunderbird. When you delete a mail in webmail, it will be marked as “deleted” and immediately gone away in Thunderbird. It’s not in trash but you can recover it in this case from webmail. So it mainly depends on how the client handles it(marking or deleting immediately or moving to trash folder) AFAIK…

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You could try to recover the mail at your client if you don’t have compressed the folders in thunderbird after deleting it.

  • Close thunderbird, go to your thunderbird profile directory and open the mbox file (no file-extansion), for example Inbox, with an editor.
  • Here you have to search for the message, the newest are at the end of the file. Now you have to change the X-Mozilla-Status from 0009 (readed and deleted) to 0001 (readed).
  • Safe and close.
  • After that you have to delete the *.msf (Indexfile) with the same name, for example Inbox.msf
  • I would disconnect the client from Network, open thunderbird and safe the mail, before it syncs with imap-server and delete it again.
  • If you have done so, you can reconnect again.

thanks all for the answers, the inbox file weighs about 10gb, no editor can open it, my question is this, nethserver, keeps messages on the server when downloaded via pop3 connector? could I get back to the message in some way? thank you so much guys!

You could try notepad ++ 64 bit

I’ve already tried with notepad ++ without success. in fact if I try to open with it, I’m mistaken for the file too large. I’m doing some tests, I’m definitely deleting messages on thunderbir to see if they still exist on webmail, once completely removed from thunderbird, they end up in the webmail basket, becoming gray with a prohibition symbol alongside access, if I click on it, the mail is normal and it is legible, if the mail in the incoming mail is also visible on thunderbird. now the doubt is that if you do not go for a certain period of time on the prohibition symbol, this completely eliminates the message from the server, I keep you up to date. thanks for the boys replies! as always, the best forum I have ever attended!

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I’ve found an editor that should work with large files, try with vim, for windows gvim. I don’t have so a large file, but with my 1 GB Inbox file it works fine and very fast if you choose gvim Easy.

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thank you very much, you have been very naughty as well as others! I’ll let you know!