Delete network services/ firewall rules

NethServer Version: 7.2 RC1
Module: Firewall

hello everyone, i have a question about network services/firewall etc.
I try to install Web interface for Suricata on NethServer 7 from the Wiki. Unfortunately it does not work for me, so i uninstall the whole Kibana Elasticsearch etc stuff. But i have now in my Network Services

fw_evebox TCP: 5636 ACCEPT: private
fw_kibana TCP: 5601 ACCEPT: localhost
fw_scirius TCP: 8000 ACCEPT: localhost

and i want to delete them completely. How can i do that?.

config delete fw_evebox
config delete fw_scirius

Would you mind adding a Uninstall section to the wiki page? Thank you in advance.


thanks for the quick answer and yes, i guess it could be a great idea to have a point to find it

How can i add something to the wiki page?

Really, don’t know. I have an Edit button on the right.
Any hint from the @docs_team ?

me not and it is not possible to log in with my login from the netserver page

You need to register on the wiki or already have a github login. I’m sorry but we don’t have a unique credential :frowning:

okay :slight_smile:

done with the wiki page