Delay in sending and receiving


Good afternoon, I have a big problem with nethserver 7.5.
I have configured my nethserver with aruba with protocol pop3s.
The problem is that from 2 days the receipt and sending of emails delayed more than 2 hours.
An example: my colleague sent me an email at 12:23, I only received it at 4:49 pm.
What could this problem be due to?
I await your info
Thanks in advance

Hi, we need more informations:

  • Which mails are delayed? Only internal mails or All mails?
  • Your colleague how send mails to you?
  • I you send a mail to someone external, how many times it take to be delivered?
  • Can you check /var/log/maillog if there’s some clues?

All emails

My colleague and me use outlook 2016

The same time as the internal emails (2 hours)

I don’t have any record regarding the sending of the external email

thanks in advance

I forgot to mention that: as soon as I restart the nethserver virtual machine everything is ok.
Emails are immediately sent and received instantly.

Now I have installed the app cronjob on nethserver, so I can reboot nethserver every day at 07:00am.

In managaer crontab I only use the command “reboot”. It’s correct?

I will update you tomorrow

This a bad idea, specially for a server.

You need to dig more before applying such fixes.

Ok thanks
What kind of log file can I check to find the problem?


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ok thanks

your info are not enough… you aren’t telling us HOW did you configured the things.

  1. is NS the email server for your domain?
  2. are your clients using NS as SMTP server?
  3. is your NS sending directly emails or does it use a smarthost?
  1. nethserver is the only mail server for our domain
  2. yes
  3. nethserver uses a smarthost to send the emails.

Other info: I use pfsense as firewall/proxy and today I have reconfigured the snort module: I have removed, from the snort categories, the control concerning the imap, smtp and pop3 protocol.

you said

is your domain hosted on aruba too?

IOW, if you’re using NS for yourdomain.tld and aruba for the same domain, you’re looking for troubles

Good morning, the problem was the snort rules on pfsense that blocked smtp traffic and nethserver imap.
I deleted some rules on pfsense and now everything is ok.
Thanks so much