Define main/default mail address

**NethServer Version: 7.8.2003

I have a separate mail account with a different domain, let’s say which I want to integrate as a mailbox into a nethserver which main domain is I added a special user for this account “specialaccount”, so that the mailbox can be shared by serveral users. I also added a new email adress “” for this users.

The problem now is, that the new mails get “” which should be be used instead of “”. I could use a separate identity with, but the default adress is still there and it is easy to forget to switch identity before sending mails. Even worse is the problem, that all users which with the account is shared also get “” and NO “”. Every user seems to have to add its own additional identies.

What I expect:

  1. Have the abililty to define a default email adress for a users.
  2. This default email should also be used as a default also from users who have access to the shared account
  3. Optional: Option to hide unwanted addresss from the identity drop down box, when writing new mails.


Hallo Carsten

Create a user, eg info_bbbb or info_bbbb-de. This is the Username - Not the E-mail Account. Note: As you know, EVERY User on Linux can also recieve mail with Username@Server-FQDN.
Set the requested email alias in Webmail or Outgoing as Mailaccount - possible in Postfix with a bit of Handwork.
Linux does NOT like a dot in the Username like Windows AD… But NethServer put’s in an @FQDN to every user.

As you’ll probably also need the info@ account for your main maildomain, you can’t have two info users…

Use also this for POP3-Collector (Does not matter if IMAP or POP3).

This is not perfect, but will display at least a more or less correct looking mailaccount to your users. Specialaccount is a bit confusing…

This is at max a WorkAround !!!

My 2 cents


Thanks for the suggestion. In the meanwhile I found a solution via the GUI:

In the user settings / WebTop / Personal information, there is a field for “Mail-Adress”. There I put in the These seems to override the standard setting.


Hi @carsten,

I confirm that the email address entered in the personal information of WebTop corresponds to the main identity of the user with whom you access on WebTop and will be the email address used as from by default :wink:

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