Default password not working

Hello fellow Nethserver users!

I’ve done stuff before with Nethserver and never had any issues with the precompiled ISO.
(I did with my own install, but that was my fault :stuck_out_tongue: )

Now I’ve stumbled uppon a new problem;
Can’t login with the default password of the system. I haven’t changed anything. Just installed the ISO of Nethserver.
I can see the console (duh…) and I can access the webGUI, but I can’t enter it.

I know the username is ‘root’.
I’ve tried the following passwords (as seen in the manual):
And my personal password to be sure

Information on my system (if required):
HP Proliant ML150G6 (little modded to my requirements)
2x E5540 @ 2,53Ghz (8 cores, 16 threads)
Dell PERC 6 256MB RAID controller
6x 500GB in RAID 10
1x PCI-E 4x Quad Port NIC
CoolerMaster Real Power M520 watt
Host OS: Proxmox 4.0-48

Nethserver information:
QEMU Virtual Machine
2x 2,5Ghz CPU (Xeon E5540)
60GB space on a RAID 10 array
1 NIC with static IP address
Booted from: nethserver-6.6-x86_64.iso (downloaded from the nethserver site)
Needed for: Easy and fast PXE environment

Oh… Before I forget:
I’m new here.
But don’t treat me as a new guy, be yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

Need more information?

With kind regarts,


The default user is: root:
The default password is: Nethesis,1234

Yep, I know… If you read my post, you saw I’ve tried that already.

Hi Tom, welcome on NethServer Community!
can you access by ssh with the default password?


I had understood: user Nethesis and password Nethesis 1234

I will not remove my precedent post to keep things easy to understand

Nope. I can make an SSH connection, but without a working password, I can’t do anything. Reinstalling the machine isn’t helpfull either.

Could you paste /var/log/secure while you are trying to access?

Sorry but wow… How can I paste a logfile here if I can’t even access the machine?

You guys aren’t getting my point:
I can’t log into my machine! The default passwords DO NOT work.

Sorry, I misunderstood your last post.

Try this and change your password.

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What is your keyboard layout?
If not an english layout, perhaps a pb with the “coma” and or numbers…

I’m an IT guy, ALWAYS setting his keyboard on US International :stuck_out_tongue: .
I go fully autistic if Windows changes it again xD, but it’s not changed. If it had changed, I would notice it while typing my post or the replies.

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Good! You have solved :wink:
Would you like to introduce yourself here?

And let’s feel comfortable looking around:

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