Dedicated destination folder for Imapsync

Is it possible to set a dedicated destination folder for Imapsync? It would help to better distinguish old and new mails.

Why can’t you distinguish old/new mails and what do you want to achieve? Maybe there’s a better solution than imapsync…it’s thought for mail migrations.

I think it’s possible with following option but I didn’t test. It’s not included in the UI AFAIK.

--subfolder2   str  : Syncs the whole host1 folders hierarchy under the
                           host2 folder named str.
                           It does it internally by adding three
                           --regextrans2 options before all others.
                           Add --debug to see what's really going on.

Thank you. The function is known to me and I do this also as mail*root, nevertheless I find nicer to use such function by Gui.

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I changed the topic category to feature request.

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