Dedalo+Icaro - don't work sms auth

After configuring Nethserver 7 Dedalo+Icaro on local systems according to forum instructions, I was happy to find out that authentication via facebook and email works fine, but after configuring the login via twillio I found out that it doesn’t work correctly. Specifically, after entering the number for sms - it writes that you need to enter the code from the sms - and then passes 15 seconds and it lets me into the internet, writing the number into the system, as if I had entered the code. But also no code sms did not come, no error is not knocked out, you can enter any digits of the place the number and it will pass. The problem does not depend on the country code or phone number. I am trying to understand this is just me, or it should work normally?
In the logs of the process writes the following:

2 | 200 | 1.959299917s | | GET "/wax/register/sms/+380442224455? digest=24dd715b64510f873f0f417309f139b4&uuid=fa3bee5a-1685-465e-9bd1-8eb08356e1a8&sessionid=168137924400000006&reset=true&uamip="

So for example if I change the data in api twillio to invalid - it writes an error and does not pass, but specifying the correct data in the configuration - writes that it sends sms and just passes into the system. I don’t even really understand how you can debug this problem… since I think it’s inside the system. Or it is still in development, please tell me where I can make a mistake in the configuration or where to look, because already dropping my hands, after a long search for a normally working system.
I attach a video of my problem.

The next question is also whether it is realistic to use other possibilities to send sms besides twillio, such as smtp2sms, or html api - the turbosms service for example.

Update, sms with the code comes (there was an error in twillio), but I do not even have time to enter the code - as I am allowed to the Internet. I attach a video of the problem.