December 2015 updates

A new bunch of updates as a Christmas gift:

  • New interface for Policy Routing
  • Support for CIDR and IP ranges as source and destination for proxy bypass
  • New WPAD implementation which includes also proxy bypass
  • New anti-porn filter for SquidGuard
  • Support for multiple interfaces on ntopng
  • L2TP now correctly works with multi WAN
  • IPSec tunnels automatically enable firewall-to-firewall traffic
  • New “Public IP” field for OpenVPN to ease client configuration
  • Samba now supports roaming profiles fir Windows 8,8,1 and 10 (thanks to @Ctek)
  • Samba shares can now be browseable or hidden (thanks to @SystemEd-Jacob)
  • Various bug fixes on firewall rules and objects, backup web interface, trusted networks, coova chilli, dashboard and bond configuration

Just released implementation of mail2fax thanks to @davidep and @filippo_carletti.

Take a look also to the manual: