De-install webproxy(squid)

NethServer Version: NS7RC3
Module: webproxy

I am having some issues with an Android application that is used for my kids’ school. It is the application for the schools student management environment. As a parent I have my own account there and get informed through the application about grades and homework of my kids.

Since a few days this application seems not to connect anymore. I am not 100% sure but the problems started when I reinstalled webproxy module after the fix with the samba shares permissions.

Now when I go to software center and select web proxy to be removed I get a list of dependencies that also get removed. Some of those I ask myself: WHY are they dependencies for the web proxy?

Confirm system changes

Modules to remove:


Packages to remove:


Samba-audit package? httpd package? Nextcloud? WHY?

PS: After de-install of the webproxy the application worked normal again. I guess it can’t deal with a proxy, or the proxy can’t deal with the application. (I would love to know how to configure the proxy so I can allow the application to pass without going through the proxy.)

Software removal is a big problem: in our enterprise release we had to hide the “Remove” button to lower the number of support ticket. :frowning:

Here you have a full description of the problem:

If you know the host contacted by the application, you could add a list of non-proxied sited.

The problem could be nethserver-httpd set as mandatory in Web Proxy group. Isn’t it superfluous? /cc @giacomo

No it’s not. Apache is used to server the wpad file.

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I guess lightsquid depends on httpd: isn’t it enough to serve wpad.dat to LAN?

Is nethserver-httpd really required?

Only “leaf” packages should be marked “mandatory” in group definitions to avoid cascade/recursive removals like this.

No. Lightsquid uses httpd to display the graphs.
Squid uses httpd to serve the wpad.

Again, yes. We need to open the firewall port and make sure the service is running.

So why not adding an RPM dependency to nethserver-httpd in nethserver-squid and remove the “mandatory” in group? It is a functional dependency, not a group one!

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The httpd module wasn’t even the biggest issue. Removing Nextcloud was much more invasive and you can potentially loose data if you re-install Nextcloud and the previous database gets dropped.

I’m not sure: nethserver-squid works even without nethserver-httpd but lacks of a feature.

I don’t know if it’s correct to use the RPM dependency, but in this case this choice could probably fix Rob problem.

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It already has one :blush:

Just updated YUM group compositions. This commit fixes also nethserver-web group:

@robb, please wait until all repository mirrors are synced with the change above to test the fix.


will do… :slight_smile:

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Much better ! Thanks @davidep


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