Ddclient Using Wrong URL for ZoneEdit

Guess the title says it all.

I know that ddclient is more of a user-supported package, by dz00te, than a mainstream NS package, but still thought this was the best medium to report.

ddclient configures the URL as www.zonedit.com, but it should be one of these (depending which sample from their web site you look at), which all resolve to the same IP:

Also, the version of ddclient in that repository is 2 years and 2 release old.


Indeed the rpm is not up to date in ATrpms, and for adding the support of spdns.de (and many others) I forked the ddclient rpm for smeserver -> http://bugs.contribs.org/show_bug.cgi?id=8975

can you point us the relevant documentation page at zoneedit

This page lists the various clients supported, which has links to download some of the config files, which is where I pulled a couple of the URLs. But, I’m not sure you can get to that page without signing in to Zone Edit.

The page also states: The dynamic DNS system should be backward compatible with the old system. You should be able to use the exact same method that you used on the old ZoneEdit to update your IPs here. (Click for Legacy Dynamic DNS documentation.)

In that FAQ page, if you look under at section 21: “What are the specs of the dynamic update request?” you will see that the URL is listed as: dynamic.zoneedit.com.

I did test this by updating the ddclient.conf file. Before the update, it always failed with a message about “No response from zoneedit”. After the update, it worked as expected.

** Update ** Also, I just found this page.


wow great, do you plan to make it also for nethserver or could i try to “fork the fork” :grin: and make the rpm for ns? or what do you think to try to use the opensuse build service to make a c6/c7 package that can be used from sme/ns/others?

When I referred to the version being out of date, I was looking at (what I thought was) the original code here. Does the fork you are using keep up to date with the original.



Take the source of the srpm, change the archive with the new version that you downloaded at SF, adapt the .spec to be relevant with the new version number of the archive, test it with several dynamic dns providers.

That should do the trick.

IMHO for me that do not change a lot, I use mock through the command line, I don’t need a rpm build infrastructure, but if you look with the needs of NS for building a lot of rpm, that could be interesting, even if I would prefer a dedicated koji/plague instance for building rpm.


try this, you will install the last version of ddclient (3.8.3) and a rpm modified for the correct url of zoneedit (dynamic.zoneedit.com)

 yum install http://mirror.de-labrusse.fr/nethserver/ddclient/nethserver-ddclient-1.0.1-4.ns6.sdl.noarch.rpm http://mirror.de-labrusse.fr/nethserver/ddclient/ddclient-3.8.3-1.ns6.sdl.noarch.rpm
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Thank you.

Downloaded, forced a refresh of the config file and ran a “ddclient -force” which got the correct response back from Zone Edit.


try to change your IP and report back :slight_smile:

honestly for me your script and nethserver-mock are a lot more than enough :slight_smile:
i was just thinking that considering that an updated rpm of ddclient for el6 didn’t exist we could use a build service to build and maintain for all el6 (so good also for sme9 and ns6)

great, but now what should i do to keep clear the info for users?

  • delete old nethserver-ddclient from the repo and leave this message as instruction to install ns ddclient?
  • update the ddclient packages on the repos
  • other? rebuild packages and update on repo or put in nethforge?
    let me know, and i’ll try to do it tnx

PS: yeah i know your first answer “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” :joy:

I don’t know my friend…i’m lost :slight_smile:

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