Ddclient not reporting IP to provider

I still see receive emails from ddclient when the call out to check the IP (ipdetect.dnspark.com) fails, due to hostname lookup error, timeout, etc. so I know the service is running.
But today I noticed that ddclient hasn’t contacted my ddns provider (Zone Edit) for around 10 months, even after the extremely rare occurrence of my ISP giving me a different IP.

Looks like dnspark.com (and .net) have gone bye-bye.
In which case, maybe a mail to say response not as expected might have alerted me sooner.

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yes I should have a go and clean the dns provider list, I bet we have some of the providers dead

Just did a tour, it seems good, no traces of dnspark.com :-?

dnspark.com wasn’t a provider.
It was one of the sites used to pull the current IP.

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what version do you use please, it should not be possible, the right version is : nethserver-ddclient-2.0.3-1.ns7.noarch

if you look the code below it is commented :-?

Looks like I’m a little behind here:

[root@Nethserver ~]# yum list installed |grep ddclient
ddclient.noarch                  3.8.3-2.el7              @epel
nethserver-ddclient.noarch       1.0.5-1.ns7.sdl          @stephdl
[root@Nethserver ~]#

I wonder why this isn’t being updated. Because I have a subscription ?? ??


Probably, last version of my rpm should fix this

yum update --enablerepo=stephdl