DC IP Address gives Validation Error

NethServer Version: 7

I’m new to Nethserver and I’m trying to create a Domain to use as a Domain controller. I added the server IP as the DC IP address but I’m getting validation failed. From the documentation, it says to create a new IP address, when I try to create a new Green Lan, then I’m not able to connect to nethserver. So what is the DC IP address and possibly step by step on how to resolve this problem? Where do I create the new IP address? Please Help and Thanks in Advance

Hi @nuela

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Where did you reat that? The AD needs a free IP, in the same network as NethServer, just for use as AD.
This is important!
You are requested to enter in the IP when creating an AD.

I tend to use 20 for the NethServer, and 11 for the AD.

And, please, don’t start your AD in 2023, with stupid stuff from the last century, like creating a domain called local or lan. Microsoft, the original people who said to use .local as AD have for more than 10 years now said to use a subdomian of your real domain!

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@Andy_Wismer Thank you Andy for your reply. Is the free IP address created in Azure or within Nethserver Admin portal (web server)?

Hi @nuela

Are you setting up Azure?
No, we’re talking about NethServer…

You will probably need this:

Azure has it’s caveats, but look for azure in the forum, others have done it. I don’t use Azure…

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Hi @Andy_Wismer

the VM is set up in Azure and I’m setting up the Nethserver Domain controller using the webpage. Do you know how I can create the free IP address in Nethserver?

Read the link I included just now…