Db command not available

NethServer Version: 7.6.1810
Module: general/dokuwiki

On a fresh VM-installation of latest nethserver, I cannot configure dokuwiki, because the db command is not available (bash: db: command not found). Same with “config show …” (config: command not found).

I am abolutely new to nethserver. Tried as root on console on the VM, external console application on host and shellinabox in server manager. The command “man db” lists the manual at least. Directories in etc/e-smith do exist.


You’re logged in as root? Then it should be in your path, but you can also try /sbin/db.

yes I log in with administrator account an then su root (I disabled ssh login as root).

There is no file/executable named “db” in /sbin neither in /bin.
bash: /sbin/db: No such file or directory

AFAIK db command is located at /usr/sbin/e-smith/db

Do you use su or su -? The former doesn’t read root’s login files, while the latter does. Result is, if you use su, you won’t get root’s $PATH. tl;dr: use su - to become root.

It’s actually at /sbin/e-smith/db.

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Thank you, that was it. I didn’t su - so PATH did not contain sbin/e-smith/.

/sbin links to usr/sbin, so you both paths you provided were right.