Database experiments

mysqld (MySQL database)

I have installed this module to learn a bit about DB’s, making them, using them, etc as it is something I have never really done as a DBA

Can I install a DB front end like MySQL Workbench on a PC and then connect it to my server, I feel I can but my questions are;

How do I connect ( where is the default folder on the server and what credentials do I use)

Which DB front end is a good one to use

I would suggest setting up PHPMyAdmin. This front-end can be used as a web based interface (within a LAMP session) and includes the majority of features that is included with Oracle MySQL Workbench.

I am actually surprised that MySQL Workbench is still being used and developed (I thought that the development of this product ceased a couple years ago). However I just had a look at MYSQL website and found that this is still being produced (version 6.3 as of date).

Yes to use the Workbench you have to open the ports throught the admin panel, use the PhpMyAdmin module for the Nethserver,

Write here if You have problems.

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I never did a lot with databases, but whenever I needed to add databases or change settings, I just started a mysql prompt:
Either on the system using the terminal or SSH into a server, then do a

mysql -u username -p

Then put in the password and you are in, depending if your username has permission to use the mysql prompt.

Of course it would be easier to use a front end. I am curious what you intend to do with your database(s)…

Do direct mysql to connect to mariadb on ns

Hi Robb

I also have never done much with databases so it is part curiosity and part project. I am interested in home automation, I have Solar Panels, Smart Meters for the gas and electric usage and about to fit a smart heating control system.

All of these systems gather data but are separate, I want to graph the data on a website hosted on my Nethserver so I can see the data visually and then possibly start to use IFTTT type conditions to perhaps react to what the house is doing.

I also have a basic weather station that I want to upgrade with some Arduino electronic projects I have in mind, and then display that data and am looking at building an air quality system (again Arduino or Raspberry Pi based) so more data to gather and display.

Other projects I have is a lightning storm detector to add to the general weather data, an earthquake sensor, ground moisture sensor and others.

It’s a long list, some of which will not see the light of day but if I can at least get the website and database working I can at least start to record my electricity and solar data.

I retire in 5 years, so I need stuff to “tinker” with to keep me occupied and interested, you cannot walk the dog all day every day and I do not want to become addicted to daytime TV and have my limited mind turned to mush in the first year.


Oh boy you have come to the right community!! Welcome, we have TONS of work to do to keep you busy… :smiley:


Thanks for the reply

I guess my question is then, what do I need to do to connect to the mysql on the Nethserver from a client PC or laptop on my LAN, is this part of the setup process when I first install the client?

Is there a default username and password and a do I need anything running on the Server first to allow a connection?

The host should either be the hostname, fully qualified domain name (ie. ) or IP address.

The username can be root (or any other MySQL user that has already been configured).

And the MySQL password can be found within the users home directory, stored as plain text within the .my.cnf file (ie. the root user password is stored within the /root/.my.cnf file).

As long as you have access to the servers TCP port: 3306 from your client device / LAN interface then you should be able to connect to the MySQL service.

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great ! Thanks again I will try that tonight

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