Data from shared folder and owncloud in one place

From what I understand the data from the shared folders and data from owncloud are saved in two different places on the server. Is there any way to make this one place? So that every change in the ownCloud also changes in the shared folder? I guess this is not possible but I just wanted to ask anyways.


Yes, it’s possible. Using a third-party app called External Storage Support (search it into the owncloud app store) by which you can mount SMB/CIFS shared folder using any valid credentials.



You can always use links for each user.

That sounds really promising. Could you show me how to install it? Where can I find the owncloud app store?

Hi, first of all log in as Admin

Press Enable

Afterwards, Go to Admin and choose External Storage.


Somehow I don’t see the Admin tab although I logged into as admin (or is the nethserver admin another one to the ownCloud admin?)

Owncloud has its own admin user.
Please use this :

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The External Storage Support works really nice - Thanks! Do you or somebody else maybe know if I could adjust ownCloud and/or shared folders such that if I upload an existing document or change a document in the shared folders the versioning of ownCloud kicks in and saves the older version in ownCloud?

Hi, could you please describe the scenario in more details.

ownCloud is able to save multiple versions of a file which I call versioning. But versioning just works when I upload or change the file on ownCloud. Since I want to use the External Storage Support it would be nice when the same thing would happen everytime i change or upload a file in shared folders.

On shared file system, simply install owncloud client

I want to have both options: ownCloud and Shared Folders. Both should do versioning in ownCloud. For example if I change document in a Shared Folder (though the net drive), then I want to have the old version in ownCloud, so I could restore it if needed. Do you understand what I mean?

Yes, I do. We may continue the discussion here and mark this as resolved

hi. One more question about shared folders of Owncloud - can it shares folder between few accounts, through the desktop-client, not the browser? Like in Dropbox, for example. In a browser u can do link to owncloud shared folder for everyone who has the link. But i’ve wanted it works on my desktop clients. For now i’ve solved that by same account to all users, and turned off the check-boxes for each desktop on folders except his folders. Thats not well for security, because any user can just open the desktop-owncloud-client in the tray and setup the checkboxes and get all the files synced to his desktop.

Nope, you can’t as for I know :unamused:. To use sharing permissions you need to act on owncloud folders, not NethServer shared folders.