Dashboard not populating the gateway

I’ve changed dns and gateway a few times and rebooted, just won’t show the gateway ip.

but… after I installed the Samba DC I find it’s populated.

Seems it only shows gateway of green interfaces.

You can have several configurations.

  • 1 green interface in static mode: easy, display the gateway prop
  • 1 green interface in DHCP mode: hard, read the gateway from the system
  • 2 green interfaces in static mod: hard, you could possibly have 2 different gateways
  • 1 green, 1 red: easy, the gateway is the red interface
  • 1 green, 2 reds: hard, it depends on balance/routed mode and divert rules

My proposal: remove the gateway field from the Dashboard :wink:

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If we do that, then the only way to see the gateway when using dhcp is to switch to static to review without saving or from the cli.

This takes me to another thing… I’ve haven’t used NS as a gateway, now that I’ve set one up, I note that it seems to be missing some basic troubleshooting tools that all other utm distros have in their gui, like ping, tracert, dns lookup, etc, now, sure, you can drop to the cli, but that’s not what we’re building here, is it?

@Nas proposed such toolset (ping, tracert…) as a module for the neth-gui.
It might be a good candidate for a howto make a module guide. :innocent:

About the gateway, I’m not sure about this-> does it makes sense to move it under each interface tab?

Maybe there are some apps which already do this.

I could agree with this, but it didn’t solve the visualization when we have multiple red interfaces.
We could display all routing tables, but most of the users will not be able to understand it (afters years I still have to read the man pages!).

You’re totally right, but implementing the whole thing using the actual framework is really really really hard :frowning: