DansGuardian configuration


Please help with the following configuration for dansguardian. The ideea is that I want to block all internet access and for this I used #Blanked Block solution. My problem is that with #Blanked Block I would like to use in the same time the exceptionPhrareList and exceptionSiteList and then any websites that are not in exceptionSiteList or don’t contain any expressions from exceptionPhrareList will be blocked.

From what I read here: DansGuardian - True Web Content Filtering for All - flow of events, I understand that #Blanked Block is on position 5 for the order in witch the different lists are checked. In the same time, in the same article, I read that exceptionPhraseList is on position 15. Is there any posibility to put exceptionPhraseList in position 2 for example, to change it with exceptionUserList ? Or to put in anywhere above #Blanked Block? If this is possible what changes should I do in my dansguardian configuration files?

Thank you for your help and answer.

You should try to reorder the generated file, when it works as you wish, create a template custom for it :wink:

Thank you for your answer.

Please tell me where can I find the generated file? Thanks

The file is located here: /etc/squid/squidGuard.conf

Yes this is true. But this is valid only for Squid. In this moment I need to change the configuration for Dansguardian. Do you have any idea how can I do this for dansguardian?


My fault, I misunderstood :confused:

DansGuardian is not part of NethServer.
If you want, you can try to run it on NS, but please refer to Dansguardian community to have support on the configuration of the program itself. :wink:

No problem :slight_smile: I couldn’t find someone to help me with this problem. Can you suggest me a group or a good forum for dansguardian support?

Thank you in advance.
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This should be the right place:

That was the first place where I tried but one email doesn’t work and I couldn’t join the group. This in happening for a few weeks :confused: Do you have another idea ? Thanks