Cvs with AD Usersers?

NethServer Version: 7.9

Hello Everybody did anybody had intalled a CVS Server ?

witl User AD Athentification ?

thx Axel


I did use CVS on NethServer 7x, but that was a long time ago. AD auth should work, actually, my user was AD… You do need to activate shell access…

The WinCVS client gave up working, and a little while thereafter, my MacCVS client also stopped working, so I gave up on CVS, as for a single platform usability was very limited for me…

My 2 cents

hello Andy

thx for this fast answer. We want to use a Mint 2004 Server with Eclipse and Papyrus. This system needs a CVS Server to store the projects :slight_smile:

looks like i need a lill bit of help for the CVS

but now i had to sleep in my Flockdown (40cm snow in 2 days ans -10° this morning)

be in contact :slight_smile:

Hi Alex

Here at the german border in Kreuzlingen we also have -10° C - not sooo much snow here, much more in the swiss mountains… Also Flockdown! :slight_smile:

Here are my notes (from SME-Server (this was working).
Specific notes for NethServer I can’t find anymore, maybe I never created them… :frowning:

To install:

yum install cvs

Install CVS in /opt

mkdir /opt/cvsroot

Initialize CVS:

cvs -d /opt/cvsroot/ init

For each USERNAME, needing CVS access run the following:

db accounts setprop USERNAME Shell /bin/bash

signal-event user-modify USERNAME

rpmbuild --rebuild rlog-1.3.7-1.src.rpm

Hope this helps

My 2 cents

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AFAIK Mr Torvalds is “not a big fan” of CVS. Or SVN.
Therefore, trying to improve my knowledge: why use CVS?
Which is, according to the release list… a bit seasoned.

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we need a smal repo server for some R&D things. We build a Fundation (Geen Search Team = GST) to develop new technology for bichemestry and there automastion …

The members siting around the world


I try git but thats is to too mutch …

All other things will run in eclipse and papyrus

Git (created by Linus Torvalds) is a great tool to manage a code repository (mainly plain texst files) for a single project. This because it keeps track of the hole code repository instead of single files. Even tough git has large file support now, for the above reasons it does not excel in this as a version system.
A lot of engineering tools (software) have their own not human readable (= not plain text / binary) file formats and/or use compression algorithms bundling a lot individual files as one by the application readable file.

IMO SVN does a better version-control job in these circumstances because it keeps track of individual files.

As mentioned (IMHO) git is not very well suited as version / release control system for projects containing separate but heavily interconnected sub-projects.

A real life example:
A hardware designer engineers a PCB with a main mircocontroler and a Bluetooth module and programmable PowerManagment. This project has the (binary) hardware (PCB) design files, code for MCU, Bluetooth module and PowerManagment. In the end of the day you may want to have_version_control / release this as a single “status”/ version:

The software developers tag their code in git and push that including the complied binaries to SVN, the hardware-designer makes a release (= a zip of that status) and pushes it including the fabrication files to SVN. Walah a controlled status of the hole project.
We tried to do this with git, SVN is a better tool for this workflow.

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Yes sometimes a mix is the best way. SVN is the classic toll to do this kind of jobs.

for our goal git is to mutch and we had the examples and Howto for CVS in Papyrus …

That only a small solution for a small project with a low count of people. Wehn it will be bigger than we had to move to Github and Git

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In any case… thanks for the explanations.
Therefore, next step/question. Why use AD and not LDAP? AFAIK SSSD can be used as authentication system for other services via LDAP. And SSSD is binded to AD…

very simpel some Windows Clients, any thing else can be complicateted. Samba Ldap works fine and classic LDAP and using Samba 4 is real hard … Including Networking like DNS / DHCP

Correct me if i’m wrong: your “CVS Client” does not support separate setting for authentication unless AD integration?

mostly i need only one Client from Papayrus/eclpse to Neth

Hi @Axel,

Are you just looking for authentication using the passwords/users administered in the AD?
If all users in the AD have rights to login you may consider authentication with PAM.

On NS the AD users are propagated to PAM with SSSD,
authentication with PAM is the prefered method for NS modules.

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Hello Mark
i am not shure how it will work. Eclipse/Papayrus are working on a smal Mint Server/Clienet Mix. So one part will be to add a Mint VM in to the AD. Next will be teh user or users for the CVS. The CVS Server shoud be runing in Neth. I am not shure witch user must have acess with the CVS Client to the CVS Server on Neth side

Frist step will be an Papyrus User with PAM and SSSD (I hope so)

thx Axel

Just thinking out lout here and suggested it as PAM auth is quite common in linux.

Frist step will be an Papyrus User with PAM and SSSD (I hope so)

@fausp made nice write-ups for this (SSSD -> PAM) , this are just the first I found:

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