Customizing welcome message in NethServer Terminal

When accessing a NethServer via SSH terminal.

It shows a welcome message. to customize our language must edit the following file:


************ Bienvenido a la Consola NethServer **************

    Solo el personal Autorizado y con el conocimiento en 
       NethServer deberia ingresar a esta Consola.

 Si Usted no es un Administrador de Sistema con el conocimiento
     adecuado, Por Favor Salir de la Consola NethServer.

                  Ejecute Exit para salir.



P.D: The best way to customize follow the steps of @zamboni & @giacomo


You can create a template custom: /etc/e-smith/templates/etc/motd

But IMHO the underlying system should be always kept in English :smiley:

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if you edit that file, next time you upgrade package that holds it you could loose your customization…

the best way (and the NS way) to achieve such a thing is

  • create a template path and move into it

      mkdir -p /etc/e-smith/templates-custom/etc/motd/
      cd /etc/e-smith/templates-custom/etc/motd/
  • create a fragment

      nano 10mymotd
  • fill it with the text you prefer

  • expand it with

      expand-template /etc/motd

in this way you’re sure your customization won’t be lost (but a expan-template can be necessary) and it will be included into backup


I was about to do so, and change the howto.

Thanks @zamboni

Yes, I think so. there are cases of system administrators who do not handle well the technical English.