Custom SSL certificate issues

(Protagon Antagon) #1

one quick question for our nethserver experts:

i have a couple of custom ssl certificate related issues,
which force me to manually configure configuration files for
dovecot, postfix, roundcube everytime i make a full update
in accrodance to updates offered within nethserver dashboard.

the respective files get overwritten, and therefore need to edited by myself afterwards,
which is okay, but as we’re all lazy not ideal. so i would like to embed
the changes in a bash script, a python file or similar.

is there a chance to integrate a bash script into the update procedure if not directly manipulate these values to my core problem?

let me know. thanks in advance

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #2

It is against the neth philosophy…if you need to overwrite official templates and therefore configuration files, then you need to write some custom templates.

Copy all files and folders to templates-custom folder and add your custom settings

By the way we don’t know what you want to do

(Davide Principi) #3

What kind of issues? I know we’re missing a manual page for installing a custom SSL certificate, anyway this link from the Developer’s manual may help