Cups server administration

Anyway I tried the directions, but it’s as you say. You need to tell cupsd that it replies on alias so it must also use the default certificate which is lets’encrypt.

There shouldn’t be a problem with letsencrypt, it just checks if the domain is correct, the IP does not matter.

To make it permanent:

mkdir -p /etc/e-smith/templates-custom/etc/cups/cupsd.conf/
echo "ServerAlias" > /etc/e-smith/templates-custom/etc/cups/cupsd.conf/90serveralias
signal-event nethserver-cups-update

The DNS entry is important to resolve to internal IP.


It’s working here with my domain. I use letsencrypt too.

Yes Markuz, I’ve been using the alias eg for some time., but cups despite the indications of the template does not work, always redirects. At. the screenshot after making the changes to the template and asking for a service status.

Is the last line of /etc/cups/cupsd.conf now ServerAlias ?

Is your Nethserver in Server (one green interface) or Gateway Mode? (at least one green, one red interface)

Yes the modification on cupsd.conf is correct as you say, serveralias I only have a green interface.

@france are you using Printers in the old servermanager to access the cups administration web-page?

If so, the url seems to be hard-coded


And in DNS on Neth you have an entry pointing to and your client PC is using Neth as DNS?

No I always have inseritor as an alias, no in the dns. Should I enter it as a record in the dns?


OK, so DNS entry seems correct. You may try to ping from a client to check if you get back the right internal IP.
So when you use a browser to browse to “” you are redirected to “neth7.internal2.lan”?

I entered it as DNS entry, not as alias but it should be the same.

Ok if I ping the replies the internal ip of neth7.internal2.lan. Because is an alias. I have been using it for 3 years but I only had problems with cups!

Hi Mark, I use it or rather I try to configure the printers from the old url to port 980

What happens if you enter in the browser?

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It works ! It seems that the error gives it if you invoke cups from GUI. Why ??

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The local hostname and domainname are hardcoded as @mark_nl (great catch) found out here.

Ok, so to add the printers I try directly from cups in https without calling it from the gui?

Yes, exactly.

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Thanks a lot to you and @mark_nl

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You’re welcome. I changed solution to the post of @mark_nl because it’s the real solution with good description, I won’t have thought about the old GUI.

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