CUPS - General problems


I keep having problems with printing.
I’m currently using CUPS, except for the login problems with the admin account, it works everywhere - but somehow everything is not going well.
The printers are not recognized properly by the clients, they work for a while, but the printing service regularly goes on strike.

Which is the optimal solution to provide a central printing service?

Is it foreseeable whether a current CUPS version will be updated soon?

Thank you!

NethServer 9/7/2009
Cups 1.6.3
Brother DCP9022CW printer
Client xubuntu 10/20 / ubuntu 10/20

There’s savapage but it bases on CUPS. I didn’t see an epel testing package so don’t know when there will be a new version…

So let’s find the error fix it.

Is there anything relevant in /var/log/messages?

Check CUPS status:

lpstat -t

Enable debug log with cupsctl --debug-logging, send a print job and check /var/log/cups/error_log for errors.
Disable debug log with cupsct --no-debug-logging

Did you install a Brother driver from the Brother page? Maybe try another one?
Check installed PPDs:

egrep -i "name|model|filter" /etc/cups/ppd/*

Did you already update the printer firmware?

Archlinux provides some CUPS troubleshooting tips:

Brother provides some troubleshooting tips too (the printer seems not available in all countries)