Cups access denied

Hi, I’m trying to connect a printer from neth server in cups. The printer managed on the remote ipp queue is working from the neth server or I can print the test page. I get this access denied error from linux clients:
[21 / Jun / 2021: 11: 24: 22 +0200] Returning HTTP Forbidden for Get-Printer-Attributes (ipp: // localhost / printers / hp_envy_4500) from

Does linux clients have an user configured for access to CUPS?

Hi, the clients are registered on AD in nethserver, so I log in with an AD username. Clearly to install the printer from the linux client I proceeded to run cups in localhost from the linux machine and add the printer. I believe that in cups the file where domain users can print must be modified … i assume is the client…
And the error comes from “local” client CUPS. Am i wrong?

Yes, the client is on the 3.0 network / I can read the error from the neth server logs