Crontab manager in Cockpit

NethServer Version: 7.7.1908
Module: Crontab manager 1.0.1
When I try to create a new job, I get this error in the name of the task. .But if I use the “old” interface I have no problems creating a task.
I understand that it must be a valid username to use.
But then I can only create one task per user name in my domain, can that be right …

Anybody have an idea for what it can be?

/Michael Nielsen

Haven’t tried but I’d rather say it is a name to store the cron job, not a username. It has to follow the username validation rules (no spaces, etc.). The validation message for that field is not clear enough.


OK, you are right that the message is “very” fuzzy :smile:

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I think Marc is right, could you change this? As I knew crontab manager is your module.

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will do my best

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  "valid_username": "This field must start by a letter and accept letters, numbers and must have no spaces",