CRM inclusion on Webtop

Hello Webtop Team,
could you guys build an integrated CRM inside the software?

The software Already has calendar, File management, A from of VOIP and WEBRTC built in.
A Contacts List and TASK feature.

Why not add the missing link, which is a CRM system?

Honestly using more than 7 different software to manage a business is hectic and cumbersome, and since webtop is mail client, no new dashboard to login into.

Email is baked in, you can now add tracking functionalities on delivered, read, links clicked all baked in.

Speaking of Meeting booking engine, no problem, will use the integrated calendar to check for open slots available to book meetings.

Easily convert and Email into a LEad, or even go a step further and add HR functions. a new job application, or internship request, no isse. just convert the email into soemthing relevant

Well, just my utopian dream thought,.

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There’s something going on on this side :wink:


Wow, who knew? That’s wonderful news. If you need me in consultation on the same matter, let me know, ill be more than glad to assist on that aspect.

I am a skilled software architect. a resilient software tester. and have used, interacted with and tested over 50 CRM solutions out there…

So @gabriele_bulfon am here…