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Hi everyone, I’m trying in an ns8 test environment in particular after installing some apps such as mail, imapsync, roundcube, glpi. I have a problem for glpi, as the installation starts, but I can’t keep it going with regard to mariadb and credentials. How do I set the credentials to mariadb and allow glpi to create its database?

Hi @france

AFAIK, GLPI is a module from @oneitonitram , not from NethServer.
You would need to ask him specifically for this (or any of his modules).

My 2 cents

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HEllo, The parameters to Input are

sql user: glpi
SQL Password: Glpi,1234

I Have Updated the Readme Accordingly

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Thank you so much! But where did you retrieve the credentials? I have looked everywhere, but without success! Thank you .

Hi Andy and thank you , @oneitonitram’s answer worked very well !

IF you had installed the App Before RC1, I would advice updating to the Latest Version before Setting it up for production use.

This is because Database Backups and Restore between upgrades had not been implemented

you can perform the Update via

api-cli run update-module --data '{"module_url":"","instances":["glpi1"],"force":true}'

where glpi1 is the AppID

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