Creating a wireless networking while using Nethserver as gateway

I have a friend that was talking to me about using my Dell PowerEdge R610 as a gateway. I’m currently running VMware esxi on my server and he had told me how he has a router set to an access point and it is connected to his Nethserver gateway. I was wonder how that would be possible and if anybody knows of any tutorials online (or if anybody wants to explain through here)

Hi @DoctorAnoniem,

IMO, you can do this in two ways:

I. On BLUE network (if you want to give wireless access to your guests)

  • WAN NIC of your wireless router:; GW: (WAN NIC directly connected to BLUE NIC, as ROUTER)


  • WIRELESS LAN: (LAN NIC of your router directly connected to BLUE NIC, as AP)

II. On GREEN network (if you want to have access to your LAN resources)

  • WIRELESS LAN: (LAN NIC of your router directly connected to GREEN NIC, as AP)

Of course, you will use the IPs according to yours settings.

(BLUE & GREEN networks are from NethServer.)


This is a very short version.
Also, you can combine I with II (wireless access to GUESTS and wireless access for LAN, completely separate).


That seems fairly simple. Thank you for the quick reply and the more detailed instructions than what I had found before.

also, if there is any tutorials that you know of somewhat related to the subject I would gladly take any links. I just started learning how to use Nethserver.

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You are welcome!

We are here to help you to find the best way to use NethServer! At least we try! :relaxed:

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I’m in a hurry now but if the time will permit, I will try to give more detailed informations.

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Two application schemas for this subject, which may help you better.

Here are the links for NS Network and for the NS Firewall and Gateway:


you should save your nice work in the wiki :slight_smile:


Hi @stephdl,

Thank you for your appreciations!

I’m not so familiar with wiki as you are.
If you think so, can you do this for the Community, please?

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Thank you!

You can go forward and replace the wireless routers with wireless controllers.
The limit is only the imagination, knowledge and technology. :slight_smile:
Here, in this Community, we have all of these.
We just need to put all this together. :wink:

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