Create & Share Dirs on a XFS server volume - NS 7.9.2009?

Still very new to NS - I am wondering how does one create a shared directory on a server SSD and share it to users on a local network ?
(Local lan users would be using Linux as well as Windows)
The idea would be from a network client PC to access this dir and all included files and create/update them…

So far, I have been installing the “file server” app. but from there, I dont know how to go to achieve the rest of this config ! :smile:

Thanks for any help :wink:
any link to the right doc is also welcomed.
Thanks a lot,

Hi @neterii

You will need an “Account Provider”, to be able to provide shares with permissions, you will need the AD provider.
You should create an AD with a subdomain of yur real domain (eg ad.domain.tld), and not use any pre millenium concepts like .local or .lan for this!

My 2 cents

Hi Andy,
Thanks for your time :

  • could you give an example of a possible “account provider” name ?
  • also what does “AD” stands for ?
  • are these 2 available in the NS software list or they require their own install out of NS ?

Can this Files sharing goal be reached using only my single Nethserver machine - or does it require setting up more hardware/servers pc to achieve it ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(lonnng time ago I had set up some NTserver where the domain name and file sharing host could use a single server Hardware)

sorry for the lack of habit in this domain… :wink:

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Hi @neterii

AD stands for Active Directory (Compatible with Microsofts AD), the only other option for an account Provider is LDAP. LDAP does not allow shares with permissions. Using AD on NethServer will need a second IP in the same range. I generally use for the NethServer, and as the AD.

NethServer cann be considered something like the SBS (Small Business Server from Microsoft from long ago, it can do Files, mail, and a LOT more (eg Nextcloud), all from a single server.

And yes, in 2023, no one actually installs a server on hardware anymore, you install your server on a Hypervisor like Proxmox, VMWare ESXi, XEN or Hyper-V from Microsoft. In my opinion Proxmox is the best.
This gives you a lot of advantages (for free!), like snapshots before a critical upgrade…

My 2 cents