Create Network Config with 4-Port Nic

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.8.2003 (final)
Module: Network, Firewall, DHCP


for two days I have been trying to configure my network card with 4 ports.

The following is present

Lan 1:

Lan 2:

Lan 3:

Lan 4:

Info: 1 Network Card with 4 Lan ports.

Port 5 (from the mainboard) will be used later for the WAN port. (Red)
Lan 5: DHCP

Gateway: (Inet Router).

DHCP: Lan1: Area -
Lan 2: Area -
Lan 3: Area -
Lan 4: Area -

          Gateway for Lan 1 - Lan 4 == (address was also tested)

I have tried many settings, but the ping does not work from network to network.


Access to the Internet only works from Lan 1 (same Subnet like Router?). What do I have to do so that I can also access the Internet from the other networks?
This also applies to connections from Lan1 to Lan2 etc.

DHCP Example for Lan 2:

Thanks for Help


The router is not yet connected to the WAN port. Then that should work with the Internet.
My mistake.

Also, NIC1 should be set as RED role. Which kind of clients you would connect to the NIC1?
Or you need 4 NICs + Internet connection?

I have changed port 5 to my Red Inet-Port.

Ping from Server --> Internet is ok


Ping from Client (Subnet Lan 2) fails:


I want to configure it, that you can access the Internet from any other network (Lan1 to Lan4).


PC to Internet or to PC
PC to Internet or to PC etc.


Can it be because of the firewall that no data can be sent?


Sure, routing is the key I presume