Create folders and subfolders

Good morning, file server can I create folders and subfolders?


Did you try? And what happened?
All depends if your account has permission to write in the share.

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I wanted to know if the nethserver file server, when creating a folder, had the option to create a folder structure instead of creating folders by folder.

Hi @tiagusamaral

As a File-Server, NethServer can create a Share, not folders or subfolders.

My 2 cents

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The straigth answer for your question is no.
However, after creating the share (as @Andy_Wismer indicated) you can use other tools like TotalCommander to replicate folder structure from your existing windows share to a NethServer share.

Or you can write your own script in Windows to create in automated way the folder structure you need in every share…

Or Robocopy! Should have a folder structure replicate option among several others…


No NethServer, vc cria a estrutura de compartilhamento, tudo fica armazenado dentro do /var/lib/nethserver/ibay.
Pelo seu print, dá a entender que vc quer criar o Diretório Departamentos e depois os compartilhamentos, se for isso mesmo, no Nethserver não funciona assim.

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Would you please try again, but in english?
I don’t understand portuguese (or brazilian… i cannot distinguish them)