Create email separatly of domain account

ON NS6.8 there is a create buttom in “email addresses”, who i can chose to create many email for one domain user.

Ex :

We have 3 domaines;;

my account domain is

and i don’t want alias for each domain name.

IIUC the same feature is present in ns7! The “all domains” selector lists also individual mail domains configured on the system.


thanks for your answer. I thinking it was only aliases :blush:, and not email addresses with the possibility to add specific quotas like NS6.8

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hi sorry for my noobitude :smile:,

but, Mail aliases in NS7… it’s only a forward from the second domain to the first one. And not like NS6.8, a separatly mail address (2 accounts in the mail client ?).

EX with 6.8 :