Create a activities from an mail in webtop

On webtop, from an email, I can create a reminders but no an activities.
This is useful for tracing where the activities started from.

Hi @favalcatraz
I confirm that this possibility is not currently available.
I can also tell you, however, that it is already on the list of new features to be evaluated for a possible implementation.

In any case, thanks for your report :wink:

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I’ll wait the new features!

There’s any chance that this list (or a refined/shortened) can be published and polled by the community, on interest rate or needs? Maybe a missing feature is not allowing Nethserver + Webtop to be a solution for a project…

I know that “community rating” may not reflect the evaluations of Sonicle, Nethesis and the project or the delivery time (even development effort), but can give to both projects a poll about what NethServer’s adopters and customers (of members and partners) are looking for…

I’m agree…The user experience is very important.

Thanks for asking.
We’re currently working on custom fields for calendar events, tasks and contacts, that will be totally customizable and available on a separate tab on each entry.
This is a very important feature for all the stated services, and a prerequisite for the refactoring of tasks.
During january and february 2020 we will be working on tasks refactoring, and yes, it’s a good idea to share the plans with you and have your opinions and requests.

We’ll be back to you on this soon.


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