Could NethServer be one of the BEST distribution for servers in 2016?

What are your thoughts? How can we improve product and community? Be honest, don’t be shy!
Please don’t reply with new feature proposals :wink: you can use the proper category for it
Just your vision for NethServer, I’m all ears!!


I can say yes, but…There’s a little work to go to the top.
My thoughts:
The left menu… Actually, it’s a mixed bag, it`s not so easy to naviguate.
Lack of the NAS fonction. !!! Nethserver is not an ALL IN ONE yet.

And finally, best distribution for servers, but for what use? Cluster, virtualization, all in one ?
In this category we have ClearOS, Koozali SME, Nethserver, Amahi, Zentyal.

For 2016, I think not, ClearOS will still the number one… for 2017, probably YES.

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Could NethServer be one of the BEST distribution for servers in 2016?

Maybe yes.

Why MAYBE? It depends on what WE (the Community Team and the NS Team) want NS to be and for whom: All in One, UTM, Applications Server, …, for home users, or for professionals.

And the effort goes to …

Why YES? Because of the Community Team and of the NS Team. Because of how the two Teams work together.

And the prize goes to …

If you read some of my topics and/or replies, you should know the answers! :wink:

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I think you’re very close, but for an all-in-one for the masses, not yet. My clients still run Zentyal 3.5 mainly for Samba4 (and, to be fair, I’m just more comfortable with Ubuntu than CentOS, so have been slightly reluctant to learn and switch them with my current schedule), which I’ve already inquired about, so this is not a request =).

While there’s always room for improvement, IMO, the nethserver project is on the best path it could be already I think. A great base product, great features with continuing active development, Active/involved community, intuitive GUI (could be cleaned up a bit, but no complaints). I say stay the course and you will not only be challenging ClearOS, but the likes of Microsoft and Sonicwall


So we have time and a long run!

I hope we could resolve also this issue in the future :smile:

What are you meaning here? Could you explain a bit? Maybe in a new topic

A well organized left menu :smile_cat:


Thanks, now I remember the request :ok_hand:

AFAIK ClearOS in 7.X release, has full samba4 AD features and much more…

for this reason, ClearOS is and will be well ahead at least for the next 2 years (talking about RHEL relative distro)

Samba 4 is a game changer.