Copy ssh and see in nextcloud

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I need to be able to copy files to an NS7 server via SSH (so we automate the procedure with scripts), which we want to show to external clients via nextcloud (resident on the same NS7 server).
I can correctly copy the files into a subfolder of the specific nextcloud user created, I change the owner with “chown apache:apache”, but from Nextcloud (web) I don’t see the file. If I try to copy the same file to the same folder via the web interface, the system tells me that the file already exists.
Is there a way to update the DB or do some other command line tricks to be able to view the files copied via ssh in nextcloud (web)

you could copimer the file to a specially created ibay and view it in nextcloud by mounting it as an external drive.
It needs some work but it might work.

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Hello Giordano,

After copying the files you have to run ‘occ files:scan --all’ or ‘occ files:scan [username]’
See also nextcloud manual.

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good work around

thank’s Nicola

This’s the solution!!

thank’s a lot

Why not Copy files over webdav or Copy files to a shared folder, with autoscan?

becouse the old program was created for copy in ssh/scp and client get file with FTP. The president want this new feature graphical, but don’t want spend money for this new program becouse want spend in VA and security.
Webdav is very very slow for copy many file

And above all I want to waste as little time as possible on it

Mounting an ftp/sftp external storage could be and option?
I think repeat occ rescan all files Is a waste of resource.