Copy email data to new server

NethServer Version: 7.7
Module: email

Old nethserver went down for some reason and we’ve been trying to revive it. Since we needed a functioning email server, I put up a new one for the company to use.
I’ve tried transferring the email data from the old to the new mail server, it spits an error message that tells to contact the admin and it renders the account unusable for email transaction.

Does anyone know who can do it properly?


Hello, and welcome to our community!

Maybe one or two questions to clarify…
Did the Mail-data come from a backup/restore or were you able to access the old NethServer?
Maybe just disk access?

Might help…

Otherwise, generally:

  • Migration of Mailserver (IMAP) can be done with IMAPSync
  • With only a few accounts: Using Thunderbird to collect the mails locally, and then copying them over to the new server…
    Direct Mailstore-migration (file-level) is not really a good option, problems with permissions and mail-store format are the usual culprits…

If you HAVE a complete Backup of that old NethServer, is it restoreable?
That would solve your mailproblem and migration issues to a newer server…

My 2 cents

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Hello @Andy_Wismer
I was able to access the old NethServer via CLI. For some reason, httpd cannot be restarted, I tried reinstalling and so on but nothing happens.
We only have a backup on its configuration but not its data, we were working on that when it fails.

Anyways I’ll double-check the permission.

Thanks for the advice!


Maybe try restoring an earlier configuration - had a similiar issue, restoring the config saved my day!
In my case, http worked, but not httpd-admin, which does the 980 Web page. I removed Webserver from the software page, and restored the earlier config.
It may get your httpd running again with the working config, data is still there, so - might be worth a try!

My 2 cents

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How did you restore config? Thru CLI @Andy_Wismer?

Yes, using the old Interface (still working).

Noted. Thank you for the advice

Good luck!