Coolify HEroku Alternative pass requests


I installed Coolify on Nethseverver Coolify

However, every domain or subdomain i add, is not passed to coolify for it to handle the other things. How can this be made to work.

Hi Martin,
Sorry to bother, but I absolutely have no clue what Coolify is or does. Maybe a bit more context in your startpost could help get other members enthousiast about this feature.

Coolify is a self hosted solution similar to Heroku. it automates the process of created self hosted db, like mongo, PGSql and MSQL to be consumed by external applications. similar to what digital ocean offers.

On top of that, it automates the hosting of files. if i have a Nodejs project on Github for example, i can setup a domain on coolify, then it will ull the project, deploy it via a docker container, configure it to a database, and install ssl cert for the app.

I installed the app, just to test it on Nethsevrer, and it installed and runs fine, the problem is, i can assign public subdomains to the apps inside coolify, since they are hijacked by Nethserver. even trying to setup coolify as reverse proxy on nethserver, does not pass that domain to coolify. not sure what i am missing