Convocation to meeting Spanish language team

good morning to all @translations_team @alefattorini @apradoc , I am preparing a video conference to introduce ourselves and schedule actions regarding the community and events, as well as to know the doubts they may have.



Great initiative @jgjimenezs! I hope you can gather a lot of Spanish speaking community members for a lively and interesting talk.


Thank you friend, we hope so and increase our community and activities

Hi friends @translations_team #spanish we need more people to do the conference if possible, anyway we extend the dates until the other week 29 to 31

but we will do with those who can connect to the video conference.


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I can join but you have to translate me something :slight_smile:
Why not make the meeting tomorrow, I can’t be there but it would be a good starting point
Sorry but I missed the poll!

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