Convert NS7 modules to NS8 containers

We have so many Howto based on NS7 with a looot of modules
Who wanna try the new container approach? You could start with the module you need most.
I’m sure our devs are going to help your job.

Where should we start? Who would like to start?


is it possible to have a script like this modified to function into NS8, even as a module, or fundamentally alot fo things have changed behind the scenes, that would be virtually not feasible to achieve it.

if that’s the case, then i believe a complete re-write of most of the scripts while in some advanced modules i see some scripted codes, kinda similar to this kind of script’ these have been implemented into Modules and not in a Howto.

the slide does provide a nice overview of how new installation of softwares can be done on the server, while also giving an overview of how the modules function behind the scenes to get them to operate, and looking at the already implemented modules, it gives a better idea on how the strcutures talk to one another to acheive a running module

IS there a way to directly convert an Existing NS7 Module, or if not the case, to Apply the Build components of NS7 Module Into NS8, or a complete outright rebuild would be required.


Could you kindly COmpile all the Modules into a Trello Baord,

the ones on the wiki, the ones within the community and the ones that were left at Howto Only.

would make it much easier to keep track of as well as to know which ones have been implemented, Planned, in progress and Done/

This List could also include the Core Modules as well, the ones that were previously built by ns team and were present on Ns7

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Actually No need for a Trello Board, we can use the Existing repomd and nethforge repos, just create Projects in both of them for the Modules in Questions, make it easier, and combines them in one spot, plus once a new Module is pushed, the project task for the project is updated, as well as if someone is working on any given module, then the status of the said project is updated as in progress, this will prevent 2 people from working on the same modules at the same time, and will also make it easy to track the said modules, both community modules, as well as Core modules, that were there before.

What do you think?