Convert from XFS to EXT4

Nethserver 7.3 installed by default with XFS. The filesystem has been giving me error on Proxmox (QEMU) snapshots.

  1. Is there a way to convert the filesystem to EXT4?
  2. If not, is there a clean way to move all my data to a new install. (I use SOGo)?


Hi Gerald, why do you think ext4 is better ?

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I don’t think he claims ext4 is better than xfs, but [quote=“gbr, post:1, topic:8625”]
The filesystem has been giving me error on Proxmox (QEMU) snapshots.
SOGo mailboxes can be backed up through imapsync. I am in the progress of moving from SOGo to webtop. You can get some info here: Migrate SOGo to Webtop5

Not sure yet about calanders and addressbooks. Maybe through the PST route? Don’t know if you have windows clients running Outlook?

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There are tools like fstransform but I didn’t test them. Be sure to have a working backup before trying filesystem conversion. The device to convert must be unmountable so you have to boot ie from a live iso to convert your NethServer root filesystem.

The backup/restore process may be an option but I didn’t test it in combination with a filesystem change. Just install the new machine with ext4 and restore the backup.

Another way would be imapsync as @robb suggested in combination with the new sogo backup:

Backup and restore procedures are not influenced at all by underlying F.S.

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