Convert disk from mbr to gpt without needing to reinstall everything

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: nethserver

Hi, I’ve got Nethserver installed on esxi with (originally) 1x 2TB vDisk,

recently I’ve noticed that my nethserver disk was almost full so, since I’ve got 4TB free left on the physical drive, I’ve quickly bumped the 2TB vdisk to 3TB and then gone to add the “new 1TB free space” on the existing LV_root, adding the partition on the “Physical Volumes” tab:

But the i came in a teeny tiny problem, when I try to add the partition this error will pop up:

Looking around I’ve seen that as I would expect that if the vmdk is in MBR, since the maximum capacity will be 2TB and so I can’t add any more space to this VolumeGroup.

I’m here to ask if there is a way to convert MBR disk to GPT or a workaround to anyway add some space to it or if I’m just screwed out and i need to reinstall everything.

Actual vm configuration on esxi:

Thank you to everyone!

Hi @lelekaos

Backup / Restore on a larger VM would work.

My 2 cents

I’ll try this evening, i’ll keep you informed

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