Console commands

Is it possible to add domain records, VPN users, and routes using the console command?

I think it’s all at thedatabase, so you have to login to mysql and add them to the tables, but I won’t do this.
Perhaps @support_team or @giacomo has more infos about it.

The various configuration databases are flat text files (look in /var/lib/nethserver/db/), not a MySQL/MariaDB database. But either way, edits to the database should be done using the /sbin/e-smith/db command, rather than by directly editing the database.

@kelevra, I’m sure it’s possible to do this through some combination of database configuration entries and events (see /etc/e-smith/events/ for the events that are defined, and what actions are performed with each), but I’m not aware of its being documented anywhere.


Yes of course, you can find more info here
Every package has its own section :wink: