Configuring Samba-shares on NS7 RC2

I installed nethserver 7.2.1511 rc2 yesterday as replacement for my old ClearOS-server. I installed LDAP-modules for user-authentification.
IMAP-Server and all the other stuff is running fine.
where I have problems is the Samba-server: when creating or modifying a share I’ll never be asked for the permissions or owning group/user.
I can just fill out: share-name, Comment, recycle-bin yes/no. That’s it, nothing else.
Is this a bug or a misconfiguration?

ATM it’s by design when using openldap as account provider.

Permissions management for shares is implemented with samba AD (nethserver-dc) which should not be installed when openldap is in use.


Should we document it better? FAQ?

We create a HowTo? @alefattorini I could do this in the next weeks

Our doc might be a great source @davidep has completely rewritten it