Configuring ns ldap for zimbra

I have been trying ever since I starting making use of nethserver, on how to set up the ldap on nethserver to be usedin authenticating account in another zimbra installation.

I have not been fruitful, there was one time it worked, but then later on I could not setup, I am not sure what was different. I have replicated numerous times and followed every tutorial I could find on setting up zimbra ldap, but not successful,

has anyone in the community managed to do that setup, could you help shade some light on how you did it.

if possible could someone who manages make a step by step guide on how to make the connecton.
already I am using the ldap on other services. and it works.

Maybe it helps to disable strong auth in samba container. It’s not the best method as regards security but may work.


Oops. I recognized you may want LDAP instead of AD…the link is working for AD.