Configuring Macvlan or Aria for Docker use on physical network?

Does anyone have a guide for getting macvlan or aria to get an IP for a docker container on the local network? According to the docs,

For the bridge creation the server manager could be used, if you have already installed the account provider Samba AD (nethserver-dc), you have already a bridge called br0 .

But I don’t have a bridge, and I’m not sure what process to use to make one. When I tried to make one, it messed up my network, maybe because my green interface uses link aggregation?

Why do you need aeria or macvlan. I think it should used carefully because aeria is experimental and macvlan blocks the communication between the host and the container

The aqua network is fine in most of cases

Why do you need to do this, if it is a web application you can have a proxypass for example.

Afterall you can follow the command line in the documentation.

I do not want to argue, just to share what I did. I made a module for pi hole with docker, it is a kind of dns server to redirect ads to bin.

I decided to use aqua with an IP not resolvable by the local network but resolvable by the server itself

So by dhcp I give the IP of the server as the dns server and in the server I set the IP of the container on aqua as the first dns server

Relative to home assistant I never have a look. I do not know

Reading again the documentation if your issue is to make a bridge it is something that the network panel will do it smoothly you just have to give the nic you want to bridge