Configuring Duck DNS with the DDCLIENT module

Anyone had luck configuring DuckDNS with the DDNS Provider Module for NethServer?

What is the configuration you should drop, do you have a documentation link ?

Hi Stephane,

You are the creator of that module I think? It would be very nice to add support for it. You can find the documentation here. They don’t work with normal login and passwords but with tokens and you need to login with github or google. I tried everything I could think about.

It seems it works with a cron job, you have to install it manually

However we have manual instruction at

Any chance this could be implemented in the next version of the module you made? If possible I’d rather wait than execute a bunch of manual processes.

You have plenty different providers, I cannot follow all, hence I did a custom setting area.

Does it works else could you provide logs