Configuring Collectd

I have already installed and setup Collectd. I am having a problem trying to send my server statistics to another collectd server on my LAN. So in /etc/collectd.conf on my Nethserver, I have:

LoadPlugin network

Server "xx.xx.xx.xx"
ReportStats true

If I restart Collectd, it seems to running fine but my Nethserver does not seem to be transmitting the collectd data to the server. All the other graphs work except for ‘network’ which says “Error: Please check your error for instructions”. When I check the logs, no errors are reported. The collectd network module seems to be loaded ok.

Can anyone help? Thanks

@filippo_carletti probably could help :wink:

OK. Thanks. Is it best for me to email him directly?

Nope, certainly he’s reading this topic right now

The config looks correct to me. I can only advise reading the docs:

collectd logs to /var/log/messages. See what’s there, we could probably find the problem.

As I run in the same problem here are some points I learned
Server config should be like:


LoadPlugin network

# Server
LoadPlugin "network"
<Plugin "network">
  Listen "192.168.XX.XXX"
  ReportStats true

Replace the X with your Actual Server IP address

On the Client side

LoadPlugin network


 LoadPlugin "network"
     <Plugin "network">
          Server ""
        ReportStats true

for the X same applies here Put your Server IP in it
and is suggested to modify the Network settings to reflect the port

config set collectd service status enabled UDPPort 25826 access green
signal-event firewall-adjust

Then MOST important you will NOT see any changes on your Graph site!
This is because the site is LOCKED to your Server Name!

so to See if you getting data from your client Servers to click on top of the Graph Page on

[Collectd Graph Panel]

then you get to the page where you can actually see other Clients and click on them if they have sent data.

After checking everything and finally get the rrd files created I search for another 10 minutes and found the “other” select page so I hope this explanation helps others to do it quicker :wink:


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