Configuring an adicional Nethserver domain controler

Hi everyone

I’m trying to add an adicional Nethserver domain controler but without success. I have always the following errors:

Task completed with errors # (exit status )
Failed to join Active Directory

The configuration I have in windows network is:

Realm - home.lan
domain - home
LDAP accounts branch - cn=Users

What is wrong?

Hi @vcc

precisely what are you trying to achive?

Hi @sitz

I’m trying configure an adicional Nethserver with ldap autentication and that autentiction made with the same users from the primary domain controler (NethServer)

I’m quite sure that is not possibile.
Function you are using is intended to configure NethServer with an existent
AD domain controller to reuse users and groups.

Sorry, my english is not so god and my technical knowled is worst :smile: .

How can I connect the two methserver’s, 1 as primary domain controler and the other as an adicional domain controler for the first?

Sadly, you can’t. There is no trust relation between two NethServers.

so we can not add a secondary nethserver configured to act as a BDC ?

As far as I know Samba doesn’t support it.
But I never tried it, and I really don’t want to :smiley:

I don’t know if with Samba is possible to have a PDC and BDC but with some tricks you could achieve this.
If you think that full restore from backup takes too much time you could have a fake BDC that is equal to the PDC through rsync, in case of disater the fake BDC can bu used as PDC.

what do you think @giacomo and @AbsyntH?

Could it works? we can make a POC to add this feature :wink:


The @AbsyntH 's supremacy

OK for the POC.

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You know that @giacomo will hate us…

Yes I know that…

Ahahah, until this horrible thing doesn’t hit the core implementation, I don’t hate anyone! :smiley:

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do not believe him, he’s caressing his peacemaker

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IMHO you don’t really need it…
the implementation of such a feature is far more difficult than a restore of server configuration on a new machine
moreover, I’d say that there’s no linux server oriented distribution that has this feature (but I’d like to know if I’m wrong)

You are right @zamboni and as i can see the only way to set it up it’s to use a standard samba installation (no nethserver webUI aviable)

Thank you all

I like this